Coach. Athlete. NHL Emergency Goalie (wait, what?).

I’m Gavin McHale.

In 2016, with an established in-person personal training business, I went all in on helping former athletes from around the World look, feel and perform like pros without having to live in the gym or kitchen.

These days I coach, travel, play some puck, train, and attempt to renovate my house while my cat Harvey assesses the damage.


But, back in the day, I was a super tall, skinny and awkward kid who excelled at tending the twine and occasionally stacking the pads. I went all in on the #hockeyguy persona during my career, which set me up for turmoil and struggle when my serious playing days ended.


Sound familiar?


Using the skills I learnt playing the greatest game on earth, and the nerdiness I spent my childhood running from, I found a new identity as a coach, athlete, and a self-proclaimed beauty.

Over my 10 years coaching all athletes – from beer league to big league, I’ve developed a knack for helping people eliminate their nagging aches and pains as well as look, move and feel better, while becoming better athletes physically and mentally.

“I have realized how much value there is to working with Gavin, and that there is much more to his programs, and the guidance he provides than just the incredible workouts, and exercises that he has given me to work with.”


-Tyler (‘Harley’), former junior hockey player, business loan specialist

As for what I’m up to now…


I help beer leaguers feel and perform like pros without living in the gym with World Class coaching from anywhere in the World.


I have cracked the code to looking and feeling like a pro athlete while still living the life I want – post game beers included. This is what I want for you, too.

Now that you know who I am, click here to grab your free copy of the Plyo Playbook, your guide to getting quicker on the ice, stronger in the gym, better looking (and performing) in the bedroom, and doing it all without a lick of pain…in four weeks (or less).