Do Less to Get More

I get it. You’re feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day and the jobs and to-do’s just seem to keep piling up.

So what do we do? Where do we go? How do we MAKE the TIME to work on OURSELVES? Because it is not going to be given to us, that’s for damn sure.

Research is beginning to show more and more as we move forward in the fitness industry that recovery, adequate sleep and time for ourselves is as important as exercising regularly. By continuing to beat ourselves up day in and day out and not allowing our bodies to recover or taking the time to get our mind in the right place, all of that hard work and sweat may be wasted.

Pro sports teams (where most of our self care tips tend to start) have caught on. The Seattle Seahawks are meditating on a regular basis. The Seahawks and other pro sports teams are now tracking players’ sleep patterns.

If these multi billion dollar entities feel it’s important enough to spend even more money, we should probably take a peek…

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Deadlifts Saved My Back: Part 2

WHY and HOW to do the Best Movement Pattern Around

*DISCLAIMER: Please consult a certified healthcare practitioner before doing any heavy lifting unsupervised, especially if you have ever experienced lower back pain. 

Hello again. Last week I wrote an article telling you all about how I fell deeply in love with deadlifts and the story of my chronic low back pain and it’s relative disappearance since I started lifting stuff off the floor on a regular basis.

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Deadlifts Saved My Back: PART 1 of 2

It’s been a long time coming and deep down I’ve known this since I started, but deadlifts literally saved my ravaged lower back from what could have been the brink of surgery.

You see, last week I wrote an article on getting down and dirty to realize exactly WHY you make decisions and how your habits make you feel.

While I was compiling my own list or habits (you can find an excerpt in the article), I came across my infatuation with heavy lifting, particularly deadlifts. Most people with my build would probably enjoy long distance running or circuit training moreso than lifting heavy stuff up and putting it down.

Anyway, I realized that this dates way back to my teenage years when I started to have some pretty serious back pain that wouldn’t go away. I tried lots of different remedies.

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Making REAL Change

“How-To Guide” on Taking Inventory of Your Habits

Today’s article is relevant in many ways considering that in the fall, many people have realized that summer was way too much fun, they’re not feeling great with the colder weather and shorter days, and they need a kickstart. As a fitness community, we sometimes call this our second New Year’s, as many people come to us not knowing where else to turn but realizing that activity is something they think they need.

But is it what they need? Is it what YOU need? Why?

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Three Ways to Add to your Workouts… In a Different Way

Many people I see doing their own programming are one of two types of people. The first is those who are always looking for the next big thing. This program will finally be the one to get them jacked… until the next one they find two weeks later. This does not allow you to improve upon anything and therefore, you never end up moving forward. The other type of people are those who stick to the same routine for way too long. Things become stagnant, people hit plateaus and they may even become bored and call it quits.

The following advice will work for either of these populations.

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The “Water Ball’ Phenomenon

I never use a water ball. Whatever ball I’m playing, I step up and hit it. And, contrary to the rest of my golf game, I consistently steer clear of the water. Sometimes I choose the wrong club or misjudge my shot, but I almost never shank it into the water.

My theory is that because I don’t even give it a second thought or “give myself the option” to fail by using an old ball, I don’t fail as often. I play a water shot just like any other shot by focusing on where I want to put it, and hitting the ball. How often I put it there? That’s another story.

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What Does it Take to Build a Dynasty?

How YOU Can Guarantee Success in the Long Term

On Monday night I stopped everything I had to do to watch TV.

It’s not very often that I do that. If I ever watch TV, I either work while watching sports or use it as a stress release for 30 minutes. But there was a Winnipeg boy who had a chance to lead the Chicago Blackhawks into a modern-day dynasty.

And lead he did as the Chicago Blackhawks went on to win their third Stanley Cup Championship in six years. So first of all, a MASSIVE congratulations to Jonathan Toews and the rest of the Chicago Blackhawks.


But it got me to thinking about success.



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Preparing for Nutritional Success

The following is a guest post from my former trainer, my current landlord/mentor and one of the most well known names in the Winnipeg health and wellness business. Richard Burr has trained athletes of all levels from hockey to ballet and clients with goals ranging the entire spectrum. Richard is known for his intense and highly motivating attitude and his passion for what he does. 

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