“Sitting Disease” – The Hard Truth and How To Combat its Negative Effects

Today’s content comes from an in-depth conversation I had with some close family and friends last weekend about how tough it is to sit all day at work. Upon researching the topic – and as you’ll see below – things look pretty bleak. But keep reading because I provide some tips on how to manage your time better and beat the daunted “sitting disease”.

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The Essentials Package – Sticking to the Basics for Proven Results

For the past year and a half, due to a number of factors, I have started dabbling in the commercial gym world. I knew there would be a culture shock of sorts but I did not know to what extent. Call me a snob, but I’ve worked at (and lived close by) a 5,500 square foot private facility with more equipment than any meathead could ever ask for since I finished university.

So, how come every time I go to a local commercial gym, I always see someone doing something that makes me shake my head in shame?

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