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Deadlifts Saved My Back: Part 2

WHY and HOW to do the Best Movement Pattern Around

*DISCLAIMER: Please consult a certified healthcare practitioner before doing any heavy lifting unsupervised, especially if you have ever experienced lower back pain. 

Hello again. Last week I wrote an article telling you all about how I fell deeply in love with deadlifts and the story of my chronic low back pain and it’s relative disappearance since I started lifting stuff off the floor on a regular basis.

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Deadlifts Saved My Back: PART 1 of 2

It’s been a long time coming and deep down I’ve known this since I started, but deadlifts literally saved my ravaged lower back from what could have been the brink of surgery.

You see, last week I wrote an article on getting down and dirty to realize exactly WHY you make decisions and how your habits make you feel.

While I was compiling my own list or habits (you can find an excerpt in the article), I came across my infatuation with heavy lifting, particularly deadlifts. Most people with my build would probably enjoy long distance running or circuit training moreso than lifting heavy stuff up and putting it down.

Anyway, I realized that this dates way back to my teenage years when I started to have some pretty serious back pain that wouldn’t go away. I tried lots of different remedies.

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