You may never get another chance to play in the show,

but if you read this letter

you can feel like a pro again.



Washed Up WHLer Turned Emergency Backup Goalie Gavin McHale

shares the system he’s perfected while training regular Joes, legitimate pros, and himself

to stay prepared in case he gets called up to the show again…





Without the need to self-medicate with Advil and post-game beers

or spend more time in the gym than on the ice.


Every single beer leaguer has undergone this awful transformation:

The former high-level hockey player who used to wheel from end to end, lay out any duster in his path and snipe bar down at will becomes…

A painfully slow ankle bender with hands of concrete who watches week by week…

Suddenly, your ability to perform has declined,

and you can’t toe-drag around a pylon if your life depends on it.

Game by game, your skills and poise with the puck disintegrate, along with the few remaining tatters of self-confidence. Fewer puck touches, often no more than a handful. Skating around accomplishing nothing and leaving the rink frustrated, sore in all the wrong places and often more buzzed than you should be.

Sound familiar?

You were going to play hockey for the rest of your life – that was the only plan, right?

But, life has hit you square in the face and, as should be expected, you’ve been less committed to your game and your athletic physique than ever before. The truth is that you’ve got other shit to deal with and focus on, however…

You were forced to grow up and choose a path that didn’t involve chasing a hockey puck on the ice and chasing puck bunnies off it. You no longer had your billets or your parents to feed you and suddenly you’re married with kids living a life you never expected or planned for.


The kids have seemingly endless sports and school commitments.


You and your significant other have to be here for this and there for that.


There’s never an evening where you can just focus on you.


And weekends are jam-packed with house renovations and yard work.


You’ve still got the know-how and the smarts, but your hands and feet can’t quite keep up with the young guns anymore.

Your skill seems to be dropping by the day and you can’t perform to the standards you set as a young buck whom everyone watched in awe.

You can’t seem to score a goal if your life depended on it, or even hold onto the puck long enough to mark up your fresh tape job.


Your deteriorating fitness level is starting to affect your game and your enjoyment of what should be a weekly refuge from life. You can’t gasp enough air to stay afloat, consistently cutting your shifts short and never performing to the level you should be.


This cycle won’t stop unless you make a change.


You were never taught what to do off the ice, you were simply told and, in turn, never learned a thing. The routines you were given nearly a decade ago are no longer cutting it and you’re at the point where it’s barely even worth it to step foot in the gym anymore.

Your training is more a waste of time that a valuable part of the process. You’re throwing shit at the wall and not much is sticking.

You no longer feel athletic, the injuries are piling

up and, for lack of a better term, you feel old.

What’s worse, you look like that bag of milk, Phil Kessel.

Your athlete’s body that seemed to be cut from steel no matter what you ate or how many beers you crushed has given way to a much softer looking body that looks more like the haunted “dadbod” you used to chirp.

The athlete you used to see in the mirror is now a dad, a husband, an old fart, and one of the worst insults a locker room can throw at you – a bag of milk.

There’s some pudge where muscle used to be and there’s a full-on perogy locker where a six pack used to reside. Not useful on the ice or in the bedroom – it needs to go.

If you keep heading down this dead-end path,

we both know where it’s going to lead.

More frustration at the lack of results – on and off the ice

More aches and pains with every single game you play

Fewer goals, since you can’t even manage to keep up anymore

Less fun, because chasing young guys around and leaving the rink pissed off sounds like no one’s idea of fun

And eventually, a full-on distaste for the game that gave you so much.

I’ve been down that road. 

I’ve been that guy.

After college hockey ended for me, I quickly got to a point where I no longer enjoyed showing up to the rink.

I’d spend Friday nights in a small town rink playing senior hockey for nothing, getting lit up and hearing drunk farmers tell me how shitty I was.


I’d spend Tuesday nights heading to a 10PM beer league game at a shithole rink.


It was truly an epic fall from grace when I reminisced about my days playing under the bright lights of Seattle’s Key Arena in the Western Hockey League.

The “game around the game” had really taken its toll on me and I was sick of grinding every single day to impress my teammates, my coach and my parents. I was no longer playing for me and, in turn was starting to hate playing.

I became completely disillusioned

with the game I began playing

in my buddy’s basement

with mini hockey sticks.

I felt as far from that little kid soaking up Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em as I could get.

I wanted nothing to do with hockey anymore.

I didn’t want to pack my gear and drive to the rink, I didn’t want to lace up my skates and I sure as shit didn’t love the ever-increasing feeling of inferiority.

I wasn’t the top dog anymore and I hated it. I was allowing more goals than ever before against worse players than  those I previously stoned with ease.

There was one season I was so indignant toward the game I didn’t even tune in to the NHL playoffs; every single hockey player’s favourite time of the year.

In a last ditch effort to rekindle my love for the game, this former junior hockey all-star goaltender even tried his hand at being a goal scorer for a full season – much to the dismay of my teammates and my ego.

The effects of my fall from grace cascaded throughout my life.

I lost my identity as a hockey guy and, perhaps worse, lost the body I had earned from years of skating regularly and training like an athlete.


The frustration hit me hard and I took it out on the bottle. To go along with not training anything like I used to (if at all), I was regularly drinking two or more nights a week and enjoying the pizza and McDonald’s that go along with a good bar night.

The mirror was starting to reflect my lack of activity and, on top of the mental shift taking place as I transitioned to a non-hockey player, I was struggling with the physical transformation of a body that now sported a spare tire above my compression pants.


The absolute worst part was that I didn’t even know it was happening. As hockey players, we’re taught to hide every emotion and I had gone so far as to hide them from myself. I never took the time to look in the mirror and ask myself if this was what I had thought I would become. I refused to admit I needed help to get out of this rut.

It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst teammate – and I’ve had some bad ones.


Maybe these sound familiar…

Sadness from no longer being able to play your favourite game at the level you used to.


Frustration from your declining performance, ability to keep up on the ice, and posting zeros on the scoresheet.


Fear from not knowing who you are without the game, and not knowing how to get your mojo back.


Loneliness from no longer having a group of beauties to crush wobbly pops with in the locker room.


Embarrassment from allowing your body to devolve into a bag of milk.


And perhaps worst of all….


Confusion from being clueless as to what to do next.


Man, I’ve been down this path, and it fucking sucks.



I managed to slowly dig my way out. Just like that hockey team that needs to get themselves out of a slump.

I took it day by day. I worked hard every “shift”.

I did the right things, over and over and over – sometimes having nothing to show for a hard-fought week or month of training and eating well.

I was rebuilding my body. I was rebuilding my mind.

I started to look a lot better in my tight t-shirts.

I started to look a hell of a lot better with my tarp off, too.

The aches and pains that accompanied every single beer league game subsided.

My performance started to pick up again – back to level near my elite playing days.

What’s more, I enjoyed the game more because I could play without pressure.

Once I started back on the right path, everything started to fall into place for me. The positive physical and mental effects were almost overshadowed by the rest of my life.


I was happier in my relationships, both with my spouse and my close friends.


My career shot out of a cannon and within a year I had a legitimate business.


My self-confidence was through the roof and the spoils were spilling into every part of my life.


I was finding the athlete within me again.


I loved it so much that I decided to do it for a living…

I’ll show you exactly how I accomplished this,

but first let me tell you about the three events

That led to my Rebuild:


Right out of University, I earned the opportunity to work with pro hockey players. Guys like Travis Hamonic, Nigel Dawes and Travis Zajac trained where I was working and, when the group became too large, I was next up to ply my trade with them. I had been crushing it with our younger athletes and general population clients and had a good rapports, running in the same circles as most of our pros.

This allowed me to learn as I went, being thrown into the fire of legit NHLers asking me why I included a certain movement or how this would help them improve their on-ice performance. I had to know my shit and, better yet, I had to make sure I had an answer for every one of those questions. No “throw-in” exercises, no “I saw it on instagram” answers.



Since that business model paid like shit, I got to then work with former athletes and regular Joes who had families and careers and commitments, unlike the pro athletes who could focus on their job nearly 24/7. This showed me the other side of the training world and forced efficiency and know-how to get the most out of a short training window. I had to get results when it didn’t directly effect whether or not they made their next million.

This also afforded me the chance to learn about all the injuries that come from being an athlete for a long time and the best ways to not only work around them, but strengthen them and, from weaknesses, create strengths.

I’ve worked with incredible athletes from all different sports doing all sorts of different careers. From doctors to self-employed beauties (like myself), and learned from every single one of them.



Finally, the end of my hockey career and my battle to maintain my identity as a hockey player, as a strength coach (because no one wants a pudgy strength coach) and as a lifelong athlete.

I learned the importance of mindset and the difference in approach from “Do it because I said so…” to “Here’s what we’re doing and here’s why…”

I had to explain the movements in detail, often demonstrate them and choose two to three important movement cues and navigate the craziness of a busy public gym when stringing together supersets.

I became a true professional and honed in on the people I wanted to help. People just like me, who had been through the ups and downs of a relatively successful athletic career and now needed to navigate life after sports, hoping to maintain their competitive edge.

From these experiences, I have developed a system that has literally rebuilt  hundreds of former athletes (and counting) from the ground up. We strip away all the bullshit and get down to business by focusing on the foundational patterns and finding out what it means to be a lifelong athlete.


And from my very own Rebuild came a system that I’m finally ready to bring to the masses. After years of testing and tinkering, it’s time for everyone to see it.


And, if you keep reading, you can apply to become a part of the team that’s already crushing it everyday.

I’m thrilled to be releasing this system

into hockey locker rooms


around the World (or at least around the hockey crazed land I live in) because I know how’s it’s helped me, my teammates at the Shake and Bake skates I attend on Saturday afternoons, and countless others who are just hoping to snipe a couple ginos and enjoy a couple wobbly pops.





By McHale Strength & Conditioning

When your favourite team (or the team you play on) announces they’re going through a rebuild, you know it’s time to buckle down and hang on, because things may get rocky.


The top players are often traded away in order to build for the future. The management and ownership are willing to take some bumps and struggle right now in order to become better and more prepared for what’s to come down the road.


When it comes to training, the Rebuild Training System means you’re willing to put in the time and effort needed because you know it will pay off for you long-term. You’re going to rebuild your body from the ground up by applying tried and tested programming along with some of the best nutritional and mindset techniques on the planet.


Remember, you could continue heading down that dead-end road that leads to nowhere but the bottom of the bottle and a disappointed wife.

But no athlete wants that.


As you’ve probably guessed, this is not a band-aid solution of any kind. Only the shittiest teams (like the painfully pathetic Oilers) try to rebuild on the fly with no sense of purpose or direction.


This is a long-term solution that will give you everything you need to be successful in the first three months.

In the first month…


Objective: We’ll rebuild your foundational movement patterns. You may have learned to squat, hinge, push, pull and carry; but not like this. These movements, performed to my high standards will correct imbalances and strengthen areas that were banged up during the good old days.

Result: Most top strength coaches in college and pro sports talk about the importance of durability; sometimes even more so than ability. We’re going to remove the parking brake so you can finally get something out of that athletic engine your parents blessed you with at birth.

In the second month…


Objective: We’ll layer some strength and conditioning on top of the foundational base we’ve built to prepare your body to return to being a high level athlete. We’ll get more specific to your sport and all that it entails, from building bulletproof shoulders to unlocking previously mangled hips.

Result: We’re going to start building up a conditioning base and ripping the governor off that bitch, allowing you to buzz around on the ice and swing your you-know-what around a little in the locker room (figuratively speaking, of course to the ladies in the house).

In the third month…


Objective: We’ll unleash a powerful, pain-free athlete through well-executed explosive training techniques and carefully planned out plyometric drills.

Result: If you follow the protocols to a tea, you won’t even recognize the athletic freak in the mirror or the player on the ice anymore. You’ll be blowing by opponents and checking yourself out on the way to the shower after each game.

But don’t take it from me.

Listen to what these beauties have to say…

I hired Gavin because I felt like my training hit a plateau. I was working my ass off but wasn’t seeing the kind of results I wanted. I was a bit hesitant after a mutual friend recommended him but now my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. 

My main goal going in was to make my body work better. I wanted to decrease the constant minor injuries and improve my athletic performance. Any body composition changes would just be a by-product of that. 

The results have been incredible. At 30 years old I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I have more energy, I sleep better and my body works better than it ever has. My athletic performance is the best it’s ever been, I’m lifting more weight and spending less time on the IR than ever before. 

  • Steve, beer leaguer for life


“Hit 50kg bench press for 3 reps this morning so was pretty happy about that.

I was able to increase my weight on every major lift each week as well along with a lot of the accessory lifts.

Arms are feeling jacked as fuck. Also saw a change on the scale which is always nice.”

– Rachel, former college hockey goalie

I found myself in a bit of a lull with my training and struggling with my self-image after a few months of inactivity and a lifestyle change. I was losing my identity as a hockey player and my results on the ice were going downhill with it.

I really needed a good program that worked with my busy schedule and the flexibility of Gavin’s program has been a perfect fit. So far I have seen results that have exceeded my expectations. I feel great, lost quite a bit of weight and haven’t had to change my routine too much.

Best of all, I don’t feel like a slave to my workout routine and diet. You get what you put into it, and so far I have been thrilled with my results!

  • Tim, former junior hockey goalie and 3x/week+ beer leaguer



I cap my online clients at 20 and only open spots as they come available.

I need to make sure I can provide World-Class coaching

and refuse to resort to copy-and-paste programs.




I see far too many money hungry coaches jamming their program with loads of clients, handing out cut-and-paste programs with no personalization.

They’re not bad coaches, per se. But they seem willing to give up on their morals of providing a high-level coaching service for the benefits of stacking their program with hundreds of people.

These coaches start to degrade their personality when speaking to clients, lose the flair that made them so successful and float by on their name alone, never providing the level of service that you should expect for the price they command.

With me, you’ll get unlimited access to your coach as I’ll be rolling out the red-carpet as if you were on an NHL team’s charter flight. You’ll feel like a VIP and everything will be taken care of for you. All you’ll need to do is step in the gym and take care of bidness.

You’ll have no more than a team’s worth of compadres fighting the same fight and helping push you towards your goals. The power of a small, tight knit team is on full display in the Rebuild Training System.






Sometimes, you just need to re-introduce yourself to the athlete that’s still inside you,

shake the hand of your inner all-star and get your ass back in the gym and on the ice.

Most people are about as durable as Rick Dipietro,

achy and as slow as the Zamboni because they don’t realize

what they need most is to improve their movement patterns

and become stronger.


As hockey players, we moved a certain way for years and years. I call this the cost of doing business. The Rebuild Training System builds athleticism from the ground up, starting with the movements that we were all taught, but never mastered.

Simply put, get strong at the fundamentals and you’ll feel younger, get hurt less often and be able to do anything you want and achieve any physical goals in and out of the gym.

We will correct the overuse issues created from thousands of on-ice reps because the system is built by a guy who played (and still plays). I’ve either deal with the issue myself or worked with an athlete who has.

There are many other options for hockey players and athletes, including fully customized training and pre-built plans.

Customized training seemingly solves the accountability problem that may feel inevitable with online training, but doesn’t define a clear pathway to success. Without knowing the problem beforehand, many coaches spend too much time searching for the root of the underlying issues, wasting your time and money and attempting to include movements that you’re unfit to complete safely.

The pre built plans don’t account for variances in movement capacity, previous injuries that cause hockey players to be unable to do certain things (hello separated shoulders and mangled hips) and every athlete’s need for accountability through community and coaching.

By having a coach who has not only played (and still plays) but coached hockey players from beer league to professional and a system like the Rebuild Training System, there is a clear path to success that can be tweaked and adjusted based on each athlete’s specific needs.

You could fork over a measly $50 for an

off-season PDF program, but…


What do you do when one of the key movements becomes painful?

Unlike a pre-made program,  the RTS allows me to switch out or tweak any movements that cause pain by talking about the offending movement, coaching the shit out of how to create appropriate tension and making any micro-variations we need.


What happens when you become bored and your results take a nosedive after 8 weeks?

Although my clients don’t pay for monthly programs, they do pay for monthly coaching. This means that we’ll decide when to change up the program based on the results, or lack thereof instead of a pre-set timeline as to when you should change up your program.

Still loving the program and hitting personal records? Great – go time.

Feeling a little bored and noticing a drop-off in results? Time for the next phase.


What happens when you have no idea how to warm-up properly and tweak something hitting a heavy deadlift?

This is the biggest downfall of pre-made, cookie cutter programs. The warm-up is either painfully inadequate or completely non-existent, leading to poor performance and safety concerns on the big lifts.

Each warm-up in the RTS is efficient (less than 10 minutes when completed properly) and tailored towards your injury history and the key performance indicator(s) for the day. You’ll know (and feel) you’re fully prepared to attack the iron right off the hop.


What happens when you don’t have all the equipment necessary to complete the program in its entirety?

As an athlete, I know there’s nothing worse than knowing, deep down that you didn’t do everything in your power to give yourself a chance to succeed.

And buying a program that calls for all sorts of equipment you just don’t have access to leaves something to be desired. You’ll never know if you could have had better results. Here at McHale S & C, I build your program around what you have access to and how your gym is laid out.

Benches aren’t near the cable columns? Then you won’t be seeing any supersets requiring those two to be used together.

Don’t have access to chains at your public gym? No worries, there’s other ways we can create accommodating resistance for explosive power movements.


What happens when you simply need a kick in the ass to get out of a rut?

One of the things that a lot of my clients love to hate is that rain or shine, hell or high water, they know they’ll be hearing from me every single week. I’ll ask how they’re doing and get to the nitty gritty of keeping them accountable to what they told me they want. Good luck getting a PDF to give your head a shake.


And that, my friend is the value of a coach and a proven system.




Gavin’s program allowed me to build muscle, cut fat, and feel more energized with the rest of my day.

As a former athlete, I have a decent base of exercises that I gravitate to, and a fresh program was exactly what I needed to change things up on my body and improve a major weakness of mine (lack of range of motion).

Even though I have some experience with training, the details make a big difference. Having videos and access to him for clarification made sure that I got the most out of the program.

  • Eric, former college hockey player and father of two

I was always skeptical to begin an online personal training program, it seemed so impersonal and I assumed a ‘one size fits all’ method would be the outcome.

With Gavin, this was NOT the case. Not only does he check in weekly, he is there whenever you need him and customizes YOUR plan to YOU. He takes your like/dislikes, fitness level, nutritional preferences and any other information you provide to him into account to create the PERFECT program for you.

I have seen results aesthetically, physically and mentally with Gavin’s encouragement and expertise. If you’re reading this, take the next step and get on board TEAM GAVIN!


Karly, former athlete and outdoor activity enthusiast

Other coaches simply don’t have the knowledge

through experience that I do.


Maybe they played sports, even at a high level. But they most likely didn’t play hockey, a one-of-a-kind sport that leaves most who have played battered with numerous injuries that may never fully heal.

Hockey is also a sport with it’s very own community and unwritten code, leaving those who never played in the dark about what’s expected or even the way we speak.

Rest assured that the Rebuild Training System, in particular the coach, will provide all the chirps and jabs necessary to make you feel like you’re in the locker room once again.

Without feeling comfortable, it’s next to impossible to really get on board with what a coach is saying and fully understand the breadth of the programming and coaching.


No hockey player cares about the science behind the program,

you just want to wheel, snipe and celly more often.

Unless you’re getting married or preparing for a tarps optional photo shoot, there is no need to count every calorie – especially since its time consuming and annoying.

We focus on building awareness of your nutritional habits through asking the right questions and focusing on where you may slip up. We then build high-quality habits similar to those used by my most successful clients and make them work for you.

No weighing every ounce of chicken breast or taking half an hour at the end of a long day to sit and input food into a tracker.

Simple to follow. Easy to implement.

You also don’t need to kill yourself every time you’re in the gym. You spent years playing sports and beating up your body to the point that it needs some love.

So – if you’re ready to start dealing with the aches, pains, and injuries leftover from your days in the show, and begin your own REBUILD, your next step is to book a scouting call.

The Scouting Call exists so that we can both gain a better understanding of the depth of your problem, the reasons behind why you are where you are and whether or not I can actually help get you back on track. If we both agree this can be a good fit, then I’ll take a few minutes to outline the options available to you.

You can fill out the Pre-Scout Form through the link/button below. I will then reach out and schedule a Scouting Call with you.



The RTS provides intelligent programming;

pushing and backing off when necessary

and never sacrificing form for results;

something that will never end in a win.


Without a pre-built system in place that’s been honed over years of working with many athletes of differing skill levels, other coaches – no matter how customized their program, will struggle to figure out where the athlete is at for at least a month or two.

This is hundreds of dollars (or more) wasted simply trying to figure out what you’re capable of and where to go next.

Plus, without an intimate knowledge of exactly what a hockey player needs based on their years of beating each other to a pulp on the ice, injury risk is higher early in the program.

Athletes won’t be able to push as hard, since the coach will (should) be concerned with not hurting them.

Are other coach’s promises false?

Not necessarily, but they’re built on a premise that is false. They don’t have what this system has, and they never will unless they’ve laced ‘em up with the best of them.

Finally, no athletes

(especially us proud hockey players)

like to look or feel stupid. By investing in a ‘maybe’,

you’re leaving your results and your dignity to chance.



Remember those dryland training sessions you pretended you were sick for or half-assed when you were 13?

Well, clearly, they’ve caught up to you. Now it’s time to pay the piper.

(If it’s any consolation, at least you won’t be doing any beep test)

Look, the truth is if you’re still here, still reading this page, you’re on the fence about beginning your Rebuild.

Fair enough. Much like deciding between a new Easton Synergy or a Bauer Supreme 190, it’s a big decision.

However, there’s a lot more at stake here than what you’re going to use to pot your next beer league gino.

You can either carry on as you are, struggling to accomplish anything on the ice, suffering in silence because you’re to proud to admit your confidence is in the shitter and dealing with frustration and anxiety that comes with wasting time spinning your wheels.




You can begin your Rebuild by investing in yourself, mustering up the belief and confidence that you can change and paying for the chance to quickly and officially change your story to a more positive one.

As I mentioned above, I only work with a 20 person roster, and as of right now, there are only 7 spaces available.

If you’re interested in joining The Rebuild Training All-Star team, your next step is to fill out the short Pre-Scout Form. From there, we’ll set up a Scouting Call, which you can do by clicking or tapping the button below.



See you in the locker room,

Coach Gav